Tips for What to do before an interview in any company

Tips for What to do before an interview in any company: I met with my friend who just cleared the written test for IBM in his campus placement. He had an interview after 2 week. I asked him that how you are preparing for the interview. The reply given by my friend was shocking. He answered me that “oh! That is the easiest part of the process, I have cleared the typical written test then there is nothing in the interview.” I thought that he may be confident for the interview. And He just went there without any preparation for the interview. After 3 week, he called me up and said,”Hey bro I am coming to your home to have some tips for the interview”. I asked him that what happened bro your voice sounds so dull. He said that he didn’t clear the interview and now very far away from his dream job. So I given him some tips that what to do before an interview in any company.

Tips for What to do before an interview in any company

Job Research

Job research is the important part of your preparation for the job interview. In this you need to focus that what is your job profile. Are you up for it or how you up for it? What is the job? Ask your teachers that what kind of job it can be? With this you can tell your interviewer that how can you do this job better than other? So do job research at home before going there for the interview.

Company Profile

In interview, they may ask you that” Do you know who we are and what we are? What is the purpose of this company? “Then you should have at least the brief knowledge of the company. Find that what is aim or goal of the company.

Best resume

Resume plays an important role. Many guys say that resume is the only main part of interview preparation but that is not true. Because all the thing s belonging to you will matter there. Yes preparing a best resume is must because it will tell them about you. They will get to know that who are you and what are your qualifications. You need to know each thing very well written in the resume.

Own Preparation (why)

You need to prepare for your own that why you want to do this job. Everything will matter there your dressing sense, body language, communication skills and your entry. So prepare yourself well that how will you be there.


Practicing in the front of mirror is always a good idea. It improves your confidence. You can focus that what are the problems in your body language and communication skills. More you practice more are the chances for you to get success over there.

Killing questions

They will ask you some killing questions like what are the strength and weakness, why you want to do this job etc. So if you are not prepared for these questions then you will start confusing yourselves there. Prepare yourselves for these killing questions before the interview so that you can give accurate answers to their questions.

Visit the location one day before the interview

Visit the location where your interview has been scheduled so that you can get an idea of the travel time. It will help you in knowing that how much traffic is there in between your location and interview location. So with this you can reach there before the time interview easily.

Ask your questions too

You must ask your questions there. Because after all you are going to work for them. You have the right that whatever the genuine question comes into your mind, you should ask them. You need to prepare your questions that what you will ask them.

Ask experts

You can take guidance from you teachers or anyone who have faced any interview. It will give you n brief visualization that what are you going to face there.

So these are tips that what to do before an interview in any company?

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