Best career options after engineering in India

Best career options after engineering in India: It is a very common question asked by most of the youngsters of India that what are the Best career options after engineering. In the recent era, a large number of colleges have opened and in each side of any road you may find many colleges of engineering. Now according to the Indian stat, around 2.5 Million students pass out there engineering every year. The sad part is there are only 4 lakh vacancies are there for engineering students. So as a result of which there is a ratio of 1 Vacancy-5 Candidates (Approx.). Now the question arises here that what about the rest of the candidates. They all have different options for their career, many of them used to do MBA and m-Tech. and rest are still in confusion that what to do. The competition level is so high that it becomes a critical question for the students to choose the best option. Here I am writing this article Best career options after engineering in India for all the students who are confused that what to do.

Best career options after engineering in India


M-Tech is considered preferable for only those students who want to go in the field of teaching. But it is not true there are many candidates who did there M-Tech and now working in the MNC’s. Getting a job just after B-Tech is good but what is you don’t get job. Then you can go for M-Tech. This is the only way to sharpen your exe for MNC’s. For this you need to give GATE exam.


MBA after B-Tech is pronounced as Icing on the Cake. The reason being that there are few degrees in India which are supposed as the guaranteed job degrees. B-Tech and MBA are among those degrees. And  if you have both the degrees then it is the best thing. So candidates also prefer it. For this you need to give CAT,MAT and XMAT exam to get admission in prestigious colleges.

Civil Exams

I have many friends of mechanical who are preparing for IES (Indian Engineering Services). They all are taking coaching from Delhi and all of them are very dedicated. The good part is that with IES they are also preparing for GATE because there are many common topics among there syllabus. Also the students from the other branches can go for civil exams

Bank Exams

IBPS have created a boom in the field of banking. You can find a huge number of students preparing for the bank exams like IBPS and SBI. It is also the well and good option for all the engineers. These days has gone far back when job in banking was supposed only for the commerce side students. Candidates from engineering are taking part in banking job too and also getting success due to R.S Agrawal.

Job Preparations for MNC’s

You may think that why I have written this option here, if we are reading this article then it only means that we are not getting any job in MNC’s . No, I am writing this option here because apart from campus placement there are many MNC’s who take candidates by off campus placement. And if you are well prepared then there are countless chances for you to go in google, Microsoft and facebook like giant companies. So start preparation for MNC’s if you are well determined.

Govt. Job Exams

Govt. jobs in BSNL, Crime branch, Indian Army, ISRO and many govt. organizations always welcomes you to participate. The only hurdle is to keep a bird eye view when these branches have vacancies. You can get in touch with us for more updates.

Develop your own Website and Earn from it.

Working on website is what I prefer the most. It is the only business where you need a small investment or even you can do it on free. The giant companies like google, facebook and tumbler etc are all just websites. There is no need of technical knowledge to develop any website. You can do it using wordpress easily. The only thing you need is patience and smart work. If you want some knowledge then hit on the comment button and leave your query.

There are more options like CDAC etc.

So there are the Best career options after engineering in India.

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