How to manage time for study, guide and Techniques?

How to manage time for study, guide and Techniques? : Time is crucial object for everyone in this universe. In all the aspects of life time is very important. We all are given the same time by the God. There is no discrimination made by God for anyone whether he is rich or poor or from any religion. Now it is totally up to us that how we manage this time to get best out of it. For a student, time is seriously prime factor to focus on. These days Students are not able to manage their time for study properly. Due to which they do not perform in any field.

All the students are just not fit physically or mentally because they say that they do not have any time for any extra activity like sports, yoga and morning walk which are not the parts of education. Students have a myth that id they devote their time in these activity then they will just their valuable time. Now it has been proven that if you all these activities with study then you can perform much better. So the question is how to manage time for these activities with study. Here I am writing this article how to manage time for study, guide and techniques for all the students so that they can manage their time properly.

How to manage time for study, guide and Techniques

  1. Make a chart(break)

It has been proven scientifically that if you want to do a big task then break it into small pieces of tasks. A smart time table also comprises of it. When you are making a time table then take a chart and write down that how you spend your whole day. You need to know that which task takes the most of your time and then you need to break that task so that you can give your time to other things too. It will give you relaxation too.

  1. Time for everything(sleep, food)

Only that management is supposed to be the best which covers all the aspects of the job. So if you making time table for study then you need to give time to everything like sleeping, food, rest time and for sure study. If you give to all these activities properly then it would definitely help you to be more concentrated for your study.

  1. Smart time table(priority)

Setting priorities is always a good practice for the time table. You should find that which subject need the more attention. You must give more time to it. If you feel strong in any subject then you can set less time for that subject. So set priorities so that you can improve your weak subjects too.

  1. Take reviews after some days or weekly

Reviews are very important for everyone. Even all the firms, companies and organization take reviews of their tasks and performances. So why shouldn’t we? Take review after a week that how your study and other parts are going on. If you feel any problem and you find some missing in your time table then you can change it in your time table. With the help of reviews you will be able to find that which part needs more attention.

  1. Be motivated

Motivation is the key factor for all kind of tasks. If you are well motivated then you can work on your time table for more time. So be motivated if you want to achieve the best from your life.

  1. Avoid distractions

Distraction is ruining many time tables these days. Facebook, orkut, email, chat and chain messages all these are just distractions. You will never come to know and you will be wasting about 2 hrs if you start anyone of them. Yes for sure these are good to get relaxed but if you are giving then more time then you becoming addicted to them. And these are taking most of the time of students these days. So avoid then and avoid distractions.

So there are the tips for how to manage time for study, Guide and techniques.

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