How to manage interruption in study?

How to manage interruption in study? Interruptions are the main problem for many toppers of all the classes. There are many kinds of interruptions students face while studying for the exam. Some of them are made by other are and some of them are made by us. Firstly we need to minimize the interruptions made by us like facebook, chatting, chain messaging, twitter etc. secondly there are few other interruptions which are made by others like phone calls, meetings and guests etc. Sometimes it is possible that we are unable manage interruptions made by others so we should try our best to manage them at least. And for sure we must manage our own interruptions. Here I am writing this article how to manage interruption in study for all the students who face this problem. So these are the tips that how to manage interruption in study

How to manage interruption in study?

Make proper schedule

The first step you can do is that you should make a proper schedule for all the activities of the whole day. You must know that which activities interrupts you the most and how you can manage them all. You should give time to all the tasks you love to do when you are free. I will suggest that you need to make a schedule for your rest time too.

Self made interruptions

There more interruptions which are made by us. Stop doing chain messaging to your friends and grow up bro. Try to be in the offline mode whenever you are using facebook because ones you started chatting with friends then it will become difficult for you to get out of it. Avoid long friend’s gossip whenever you are going for a walk.

Say “No” when required

You must learn to say “No” to others. Seriously it is a big problem for all of us. Whenever any friend comes, we start chatting with him but you need to tell him that you have an important task to do. It is not a good thing for relationship but it is an important thing for your study. So say no whenever required.

Tell your schedule to your friends

If your friends know that this is time of your study then they will never come to disturbed you for sure. You must tell everyone that from this time I used to study, so some after this time.

Change your location if possible

Whenever required change your location if it is possible for you. Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to concentrate on your task when everyone is disturbing you. So at that instance, just try to change your location.

Try to control them

You can never control all the interruptions. But those interruptions which are in your hand should be controlled by you. You minimize them. And with all these tips you can manage many of the interruptions. It is up to you that you manage them all. It is all ion your hand so control them before they happen.

So these are the tips that how to manage interruption in study.

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