How to overcome job search depression?

How to overcome job search depression?  | Tips: JOB Search!!!!  The most difficult task for the young generation .These days getting a good job is like achieving a milestone. And if this milestone is not achieved then many of the guys go into the deep depression. And there are many cases of suicide which are just caused by job depression. Really sad but it is a bitter truth. When anyone searches for a job, he/she always keeps in mind that if they don’t get any job then there life will be spoiled out. There are following reasons that why people get into the depression.

How to overcome job search depression?

Reason That why people get in depression?

Financial Problem

It is the most common reason for the job search depression. Few persons have some family financial problems because they are the only source of earning in their family. And that is why they have to think about their family condition.

Friends Growth

Hard to accept but it is a fact. I asked many persons that why are you getting so serious to go into the Microsoft then they reply that my friend got selected in Microsoft and it pinches me when he shows me that how much money is he earning. And you trust me it is a very big reason these days for job depression.

Parents Repudiation

Some guys tell that his father is a doctor or Engineer and he have to do a big job according to their parent’s repudiation. They spend their most of the time in thinking that how can I just stand in front of my parents and show them that Yes I have achieved your position.

High Rapid Dreams

Having big dreams is a very awesome thing and I always praise those guys who have high dreams. But most of the guys want to reach on the CNBC charts.

Now I will tell you that How to overcome job search depression | Tips ? Here few points to overcome job search depression.

How to overcome job search depression | Tips ??/

Be optimistic­- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 1

You have heard many time that be positive, be optimistic. But in this crucial time how can you be optimistic if everything is going wrong. The answer for this question is YOU only. Means only you can make yourself optimistic because it you who just need to think about bright future and not about current situation. You just focus on what you have in your hand and rest is the task of others.

Make a time table of job search- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 2

When there is no job opening from last week then you can easily lose your self- confidence. The only way to tackle this problem is making proper time table of job search. Take this as a job and make starting and ending time of your job search for each day. It after that just enjoy this great life as you have done the job of today.

Plan your job search-How to overcome job search depression | Tip 3

You cannot go everywhere in a single time. So you need set a priority for the jobs. Set  a goal and prefer going got it hardly. Planning will help you to keep your focus on your main aim of your life. Few guys just get depressed and forget the main aim of their life.

Learn from past- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 4

When you go for any job call and get rejected then don’t get upset ever. Just collect all these bad experiences. It is the time to learn from your experiences. As we all know that

Success Comes from Experiences and Experience comes from bad Experiences.

So learn that what the mistake you made in any job was.

Daily exercise- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 5

Doing daily exercise is always the best way to keep your body fit. It also decreases your depression because applying your mentally stress into your physical work is always a good idea.

Give time to your good friends and family- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 6

Family and good friends always motivates you for your success. You notice that I am not talking about all the friends because there are few friends who just discourage you all the time. Keep distance from them but give your proper time to your family and good friends. They will always help you in critical situations.

Network works- How to overcome job search depression | Tip 7

Yes it is very interesting to note that your network creates a great impact on your job search. Personally I don’t consider network but I must say that creating your own circle of those persons who may helps you in job can help you a lot. And it reduce your all the pressure which you are bearing itself

So that is How to overcome job search depression | Tips .

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