How to make a Perfect Time Table?

How to make a perfect time table? Time table is needed in each phase of everyone’s life. For a student it is a compulsory and critical element to focus on. If any student is not having any time table then he is not able to perform best in his exams. Most of the toppers used to make time table for sure. It is the best practice for a student that he makes a time table and follows it desperately. Students used to make time table but they do not give time to all the activities. It is necessary for then that they should make a perfect time table.

Now what is a perfect time table? A perfect time table is that which contains the overall growth of students including academic, mentalist and physical. No doubt students make good time table for study but there can never be over all growth if you don’t give time to them. So for overall growth make perfect time table. Here I am writing this article how to make a perfect time table to all the students who don’t know how to make a perfect time table.

How to make a Perfect Time Table?

Time to for all the activities

As I have already told you that a perfect time table is that which contains time for all the activities. If you are focusing only on single activity then it cannot be a perfect time table. All the activities mean that you should give time to morning walk, meditation, games and to study too. So it will help you throughout the life because your whole life just does not comprise of study only.

Break down the tasks

Now if you have a big task to do, let us say that you have cover the syllabus of chemistry which is seriously very lengthy then you should divide it unit wise. With this you can know that which unit requires how much time of yours.

Morning walk is must

Now why I have written morning walk here because as far as you concerned that this article is for perfect time table. I can assure you that if you go for morning walk daily then your sitting power will increase a lot. The task you were doing in 2hrs will be done in 1 hr because your concentration level will be on the top.

Play time should be there

If you are not playing then your immune system will not perfectly work. And if it is not working properly then you will get ill soon. An ill body cannot study properly and not able to remember the fact of study too. So play games and play them well.

Must Meditation

So far I am telling you everything about the body fitness like morning walk and games but what about the mental fitness. We do everything for our body like feeding, morning walk, exercise etc. but for mind you should do meditation. It is a powerful tool which will make your mind calm and active all the time. And at last it will help your study

Now study its Time

Now you have done everything for body and mind. So now you are well prepared. It is the time to study a lot. Seriously study needs its own time to focus on. While doing all other activities you must also do study hard.

So these are the tips that how to make a perfect time table.

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