How to give a good presentation | skills |Training

How to give a good presentation | skills |Training: I have gone through many presentations. I have seen many presentation and delivered many presentation. But Now I want to share my knowledge with all of you. The reason for this is that last month ago I visited an institute. There was seminar held on the topic of child education. A teacher delivered that seminar. But his presentation skills were so poor that no one interacted with him. I am writing this article for all those who don’t know that How to give a good presentation. And how to connect with the audience to get them involved. Here are few points that How to give a good presentation | skills |Training.

How to give a good presentation | skills |Training

There are basically three main part of the presentation …..

  1. Ground work

Must have deep knowledge of the topic:

If you want to perform best on the day of your presentation then firstly you must research on your topic so that you can deliver your best there. For this you must have deep knowledge of the topic which you are going to discuss there.

Knowledge level of audience:

Before going to deliver the presentation you need to know the knowledge level of the target audience. It should not happen there that they know more than you. If the audience is so familiar with the topic then you need to burn the midnight lamp.

Your title for the presentation must be killing and informative. If you choose the perfect title then it will become easy for you to connect with the audience.

Minimum technical term :

Some of presenter uses so many technical terms that it become difficult for the audience to understand that what they saying. So use technical terms but less.

Avoid too many formulas:

Formulas are good in general sense. They give you a general method to convey your points but using too many formulas that your presentation becomes a math book is bad idea.

Use catchy images, Audio and videos:

Few persons say that you should not use sound or video in a professional presentation. I ask them a question is it better for them that your audience start sleeping in between the presentation. Use catchy image, Audio and videos so that your audience can take interest in you topic.

Practice before the real presentation:

Presenters who do not practice their presentation just fumble in between the seminar and it is really looks awkward. Practice your presentation before the real game and get the best results.

  1. Presentation Time

Start with smile and greetings:

I seen many persons who just starts there presentation without greeting the audience. They just tell the title of the seminar and start. Not a good way, you need to greet your audience so that they can feel familiar with you. And have a smile always on your face.

Be well dressed:

Your dressing sense matters a lot in your presentation. Dress well then the audience so that you can look different and superior to them

Tell stories:

Everyone likes stories all the times. Make your presentation like a story so that all the people starts loving your presentation. Tell them stories related to your article so that they connect with you.

Try to keep you moving:

A person standing on the same point and telling you crammed data can never be a good presenter. One must move around the audience so that audience feels good and connect to you easily.

Don’t read the slides:

Reading the slides in between the seminar is embarrassing. You must know your each slide so that you can tell about them easily to the audience.

Make eye to eye contact:

Making eye to eye contact is always a best idea. Even if you are facing an interview then everyone recommend you to make eye contact. It is a good sense to make eye to eye contact in the seminar too.

Do not surpass your allotted time:

You all have the limited time for the presentation. Do not cross the limit of allotted time because you must know that which slide will take how much time. And you should cover your topics in the given time

Involve with the audience:

Don’t make the audience as just a sitting object. They are the most important part of your presentation. You must involve with them to tell them about the topic.

  1. After presentation

Answer before pause

When anyone asks you any question then take a pause before you answer the question. If you talk continuously then you may miss the main aspect of the question and you will not be able to deliver the best answers.


In the end of the presentation Say thanks to the audience for being patience throughout the seminar.

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