How to deal with Exam Stress and Depression?

How to deal with Exam Stress and Depression: There was a time when stress was only a problem for the old people. But as the time passed it becomes a problem for teenagers too. Exam stress is like curse for the student life. There are many case reported every year of students exam stress. It is also a problem for the parents as well. Whenever exams come, students start taking depression. They don’t talk too much to anyone. They just close themselves in their study room. Even parents force them to do so. Students are taking so such stress that some of them commit suicide too. It is very sad but it is true that percentage of students suicide increasing year by year. Now what is the solution the deal with this monster? So here I am writing this article to let them students know that how to deal with exam stress and depression???

How to deal with exam stress and depression???

Plan your study before exam

Exam stress comes only when you are not prepared for the exam. Yes sometimes it may be due to some other reasons but most common reason is “No Preparation”. The students who plan their exams schedule before the exam can never go into the stress. Planning gives you confidence that yes now it is in my control. So plan your study before exam come.

Take proper rest

Most of the students never take rest for a single minute in the exam time. They used to say that they don’t have any time to waste for the rest. But it is not good thing because rest is the part of study. Our mind works in the manner of files. If you load more and more files without giving him time then it will just start trashing them. So give time to your mind to manage all the knowledge of books and take proper rest.

Don’t shut the door

Shutting door is sometimes good when you are not able to concentrate on your study. But if you close your door for the whole day then it may lead to depress your mind. Depression or stress is just mind blocking, when your mind gets blocked then you go into the stress. So don’t shut your door for the whole day and take gap in between your study.

Practice for the exam

Practice makes a man perfect and a perfect man never goes into the depression. When you practice a lot for the exam then how can you be in stress? Practicing a lot does not means that you just starting being like a bookworm in the exam time. It is just practicing your exams before they start.

Eat proper food

Few guys just start eating fast food and junk food. They used to say that “Hey mom I don’t have time, Just make a sandwich for me”. And they don’t even eat this by saying oh mom I got late. Please tell me bro when you give input then only you can expect for the output and if you don’t give input to your body then how can your body will be able to fight with the stress.

Have comfort sleep

I read an article that students must take a sleep of 8 hrs. But you really think that in exam time, it is possible for us to have a sleep of 8hrs. As science has proved that deep and comfortable sleep of 2 hrs is sufficient but it should be deep. But now we can’t discus here the concept of deep sleep. And of course even you don’t want that. I am telling you that in exam time a comfortable sleep of 6hrs is much sufficient.

Move out for sometime

Moving out somewhere is always a good idea. I don’t say that in exam time but all the time it is proven concept that moving out always relaxes your mind. Of course in the exam time it is the best time saving sport which gives you the same result. So move out for some time to chill out your mood and mind.

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