How to build self confidence and esteem?

How to build self confidence and esteem?  Self-Confidence is the only key ingredient for huge achievements. Whatever the milestones mankind has achieved so far, it was all just the result of self confidence in him. If you have self confidence in you then you can achieve everything what you want from your life. For a student, businessman, doctor, engineer and IAS, the most important thing is self-confidence. I had friend who was supposed as the most studious student of college. But he had not confidence in him, that’s why he just ruined his life due to lack of confidence. Self confidence in nothing but believing in yourself that Yes you too can do it. I am writing this article How to build self confidence and esteem for all those guys who face the problem of less confidence. Here are the tips for How to build self confidence and esteem.

How to build self confidence and esteem?

Think about your achievements of life

Guys just used to think that how much hurdles they have faced on their life. But they never think they have overcome all these hurdles and achieved some good thing too in their life. So think about those achievements which you have gained in your life. It was only you who achieved those milestones and there were more people in competition of you but you were the winner at that time.

Do Yoga

Yoga or meditation is done for the self understanding. There are many people who don’t even understand themselves. You need know who are you? Yoga is the best way to discover you. Doing yoga may be thought as a boring task by young generation. All the great peoples used to do yoga or meditation to calm down their mind. Mind is most important in achieving confidence because if the state of your mind is stable then negative thoughts will never harm you.

Read books

Reading books is a very good task for the person of all age. Those who think that reading books is just a task of teenagers then they are just making fool of themselves. Books are the vital source of motivation. Reading a book before sleep is the best way to increase your confidence.

Identify yourself

There are many people who don’t know that what they want from life and what they want to be. You cannot discover this by just thinking. You need to take actions and ones you identify that task then just live for that task or die for the task. That is the best way to gain self-confidence. One’s you know that what you want to be in your life then other who forces you to become someone else will never disturb the state of your mind. So identify yourself by taking action today.

Focus on Small things

You need to know that success resides in small things. One’s you understand this then you will never take big risks of life. Self-confidence comes when you are sure that this will happen definitely. So if you are taking small steps then there will be less chances of failure. And small steps always lead to the success. If you want be motivated all the time then I will say “Don’t run, don’t stop, Just walk regularly by taking small steps.”

Be Grounded

Keep yourself on the ground. This is an advice to those who are in that state where they have achieved something. Over-confidence always harms everyone. There are many examples of it. So never think that only you can do this. You need to say if everyone can do then I can do it too and if I can do it then everyone can do it too.

So these are the tips for How to build self confidence and esteem.

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