Career after 12th science in India | Options

Career after 12th science in India | Options: Many of my friends ask me that what should I do after 12 science, and what is the career after 12th.I usually them too that what they want to be? And they become blank. Yes it is a very serious point to think about that students don’t know that what are the career opportunities after 12th class. They always follow a herd of sheep that if everyone is doing engineering from Mechanical then I should do it too instead of doing B-Tech from Computer Science which is his/her favorite subject. I am writing this article for those students who don’t know that career after 12th science in INDIA | Options.. Here are 8 point for career after 12th science in INDIA | Options.

Career after 12th science in INDIA

Engineering: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options  1.

Most preferred options for all the students who do 12th science in India. This is quite obvious because students who want to earn to great amount of income then it is a great option. In engineering we have many branches according to our interest. Students need to give a joint entrance exam for admission in engineering. There are lots of private, semi-private and government companies in which they demand a B-tech degree for their job opening. So according to me if someone wants a good salary with repudiation then Engineering is the best Option for them.

Law: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 2.

Whenever we talk about law then only one job comes in our mind that is of advocate. And that is not true at all, the students who want who join a private company then a law degree can be helpful for them. The legal advisors of many companies are only those who do Law degree and also they are given a handsome salary too. And if someone does not want to be an advocate then he/she can directly apply for the post of Judge by giving judiciary exam.

Scientist in NASA/ISRO: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 3

Students can do traditional BSC in Non-Med reason being that if you want be a scientist in the organization like NASA/ISRO then you need to study more. You ought to study a lot upto php and after that you can apply for these organizations.

Management: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 4

Management and engineering are much salary oriented for this modern age students. And for some instance this is appropriate. The students going for BBA and then MBA are paid a huge amount of salary. Being the manager of company it is quite obvious but if you want to be the part of marketing team of the company then it is also possible because same as of engineering there are many braches of Management. One can join any private firm with a considerable salary and impressive post.

Multi Media- career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 5

There is a misconception among the students that doing any multimedia degree will lead them towards being a news anchor, journalist and all the posts which are related to only news channels. But this is not the actual reality because students going or multimedia have a vast field for their career. They can be an actor, cameraman, script writer, video editor and many more. So there are lots of jobs for multimedia degree holders.

Defense: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 6

After 12th class, you have a splendid option of joining Indian Defense Academy. NDA /Na give you an opportunity to join Defense academy by clearing NDA exam. So if you want to something for your country then it is the best option for you.

CA/CS: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 7

These are those courses which are just thought of commerce students, but I have my friend who did 12th in non-med and now doing CA. It is a dream for many aspirants but the only hurdle between your dreams is CPT (Common Proficiency Test) and the students who could do 11th and 12th math easily he/she can clear it easily with good preparation.

Architect: career after 12th science in INDIA | Options 8

Students who want to make building and bridges can do B-Architect. There are lots of jobs for an architect. Students need to do a separate exam with joint entrance exam to do B-Arch.

So these are the career options after 12th science in INDIA. One can follow them for the best career after 12th science in INDIA | Options.

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