Tips to improve handwriting for Kids| Students

Tips to improve handwriting for Kids| Students: I can just count on my tips that I had many friends in my school who were extraordinary in their academic knowledge. But still they were not the rank holder of my school.  And they were so intelligent that even the toppers of our school used to ask them for help. At that time there was no body who could tell them that why they are not getting good marks. One day I just seen their Handwriting and seriously it was so embarrassing that I was thinking that it is of 2nd standard student handwriting. Then I realize that how and why they are not getting good marks. Today it is a big problem for many students that they have very poor handwriting and due to that they get fewer marks in their academic results. So what is the solution and what are the Tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students. Here I am going to give some tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students

Tips to improve handwriting for Kids| Students

Identify the Problem- Tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students

  1. Take a paragraph written by you- Firstly you need to take a paragraph written by you or write any paragraph. The reason for writing a paragraph is just that you can easily analyze that what are the main problem with your poor handwriting. A Lengthy paragraph will give you more reasons for your handwriting.
  2. Analyze at your letters-after writing the paragraph analyzes the shape of your letters. It really matters a lot because the shape of a single latter letter may create a big impact on your handwriting.
  3. Pay attention on your biasing- Biasing is basically a kind of slope and angle. You have seen all the students have their particular slant in which they write. So focus on your slant because a steady slant is good.
  4. Focus on your spacing and alignment-If you are giving a lot of space and your alignment of the text is not good then your writing will be poorer. So look for it too.
  5. Look at the size of letters-The size of your letters also matter. The reason being for it is if you write big worlds or some small size words then it may look much weird. So work on your size of letters.

Start Operation- Tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students

After analyzing your handwriting, you need to focus on the problems.

  1. Take a paper and write your weak letters- I can just tell you that this is the best method to improve your poor handwriting. Find your weak words and write them for at least 20 times.
  2. Write slowly-Writing slowly gives you a comfort to write properly. With this you can work on your each word easily. It is really a good exercise to make better shape letters in starting.
  3. Control Size and Shape of your letters- While writing in a paragraph slowly you can get over rid of this problem of irregular shape and size.
  4. Write in Air to muscle up your hand- Sometimes I find a common problem among the students. They used to complaint that their hand muscles are not so strong that they can control over their handwriting. The single solution for this problem is that try to write in the free shape or you can say in the air. It will muscles up your hand to be strong.
  5. Practice more and more- Yes! It is very true that your continue practice can improve poor handwriting very fast.

Recycle it- Tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students

  1. After doing all these steps again recycle the whole process
  2. Again Analyze the main points
  3. Then operate these problems.

So these are the Tips to improve handwriting for Kids|students. With these you can improve handwriting in a quick time. So try these.

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